The Tournament Bowling Club of Jacksonville, is an organization founded on December 19, 1981 for the sole purpose of having an organized group of ladies dedicated to the sport of bowling in tournaments.

The purpose of the Tournament Bowling Club of Jacksonville, Inc. is twofold. Our goal is to always demonstrate high standards and skills in the sport of bowling as we represent the city of Jacksonville in city, state, and national tournaments. Secondly, we are committed to the spirit of volunteerism as we do our part in meeting the needs of people.

Throughout the years, our organization has raised money to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to local needy families. We have provided financial support to other charitable organizations such as the United Negro College Fund, (SCDJ) Sickle Cell Disease of Jacksonville, annual donations to Clara White Mission - Feeding the hungry, funded/adopted Martin L. King, Jr. Elementary School incentives with behavioral problems, provide WCGL Radio Thanksgiving for Senior Citizens, and the Christmas Gift/Present Project.

In addition, we continue supporting our community by awarding deserving students educational scholarships.
As we work to better our community and enhance the lives of so many individuals, we hope you will continue your commitment to us.